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Years of experience in the import-export business. Shipping of cars and spare parts all over the world. With our help and experience you can save costs.
We have years of experience exporting to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe and Eurasia, Africa even South America. Serious, comprehensible processing.



We Are Committed to helping our partners overcome any challenge and attain spectacular results.

As a trained craftsman, electrician and diving instructor, I took my first steps towards affiliate marketing on the Internet in 1997.
After that I used this in the „family business“ with my cousin and magically attracted customers from all over the world. Good for the boss. Unfortunately, I only believed in the family and in the good thing of creating something together…

"Anyone who doesn't know you can't buy from you"


What about the visibility of your company?

Yes, your friends know you. Customers who bought from you may buy again. Is this enough to live and to make your dreams come true? Did you open your business so that your friends would like it - or do you want to make a good living from it?


Can you be found if no one knows you?

When customers are looking for something, they go online and look for the product. But how do you find your products right now?


Do you think you can make a living from the walk-in customers?

The age of the barkers is now over. Even if your business is on the number one tourist mile, you should worry about being found again digitally.

Our team of experts

Our decades of experience in import-export can be your joker

Please note:

Since 2020, container transport prices have increased 8-10 times. It is therefore advisable to buy high-priced, higher-quality products because the price is reflected in the resale

We have the connections ... Europe and in Asia. We are sitting here in Macau, at the navel in Asia.

our partners trust us

Wieland Kleinert

CEO, Owner

“Over 30 years in export-import & affiliate Marketing Business ”



Business Operations, Video, Marketing

“The Gambler, from the Gamblers City, Video Channel.”



“Thank you for the time with you all.”



Are you interested in importing from the EU to Asia? Let's get there, together.

 (cars, furniture, camping, branded goods)